Seasons at Play


Seasons at Play was submitted to Christopher Fielden’s latest volume of Nonsensically Challenged (Vol. 3), with a 200 word limit.



Seasons at Play

By Gavin Biddlecombe


“It doesn’t matter what happens beyond this point,” said Summer, admiring the line he had drawn across the sand. “The minute it’s crossed, that’s it.”

“That can’t be it,” replied Autumn. “I’m enjoying myself too much. What with the red and gold and—”

“And so you keep saying. Nevertheless, I’ve suffered for three months.”

“But it’s too cold to do much else.”

Summer didn’t reply. Checking the coast was clear, he nudged Autumn square in the back and looked on as Autumn, arms wind-milling like crazy, tried to regain his balance.

Autumn just about managed an I’ll-get-you-back look, before collapsing in a heap across the line. The line vanished altogether, completing the transition. As Summer stood back, Autumn raced towards him, colliding into a solid invisible barrier.

“You know what’s next?”

Autumn’s resigned look was answer enough, as a snowball splattered freezing slush down his back.

“Hey, Winter,” said Summer, indicating the shivering individual in front of him. “He’s all yours.”

“About time too,” she replied. Winter gave a whole-hearted wave, then focused her attention on Autumn, who was busy fishing melted snow out of his clothes.

“I’ve missed you,” she said, launching another snowball.


(195 words)


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