Here Cometh the Horde

Here Cometh the Horde

by Gavin Biddlecombe

Catching the white Oval was a poorly made decision no matter whether the choice to live dangerously ranked highly on the coveted list.

Eyes darted worriedly.

Arm raised hopefully.

Legs charged on speedily as bruises appeared rapidly.

Yet, the Horde swarmed in relentlessly.

My likely doom approached. But wait.

A glimmer of hope as an unlikely ally bellowed alongside. Offloading the Oval wisely before the moment of impact, the recipient received it ungraciously. I shut my eyes tightly.


A peek.

The dust settled.

Both Oval and ally gone.

The Horde enthusiastically rampaged on. Could I last another 70 minutes?



Adverb writing challenge – Volume 5. (Max 100 words)

Volume 4 now available here.

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