Seasons at Play


Seasons at Play was submitted to Christopher Fielden’s latest volume of Nonsensically Challenged (Vol. 3), with a 200 word limit.



Seasons at Play

By Gavin Biddlecombe


“It doesn’t matter what happens beyond this point,” said Summer, admiring the line he had drawn across the sand. “The minute it’s crossed, that’s it.”

“That can’t be it,” replied Autumn. “I’m enjoying myself too much. What with the red and gold and—”

“And so you keep saying. Nevertheless, I’ve suffered for three months.”

“But it’s too cold to do much else.”

Summer didn’t reply. Checking the coast was clear, he nudged Autumn square in the back and looked on as Autumn, arms wind-milling like crazy, tried to regain his balance.

Autumn just about managed an I’ll-get-you-back look, before collapsing in a heap across the line. The line vanished altogether, completing the transition. As Summer stood back, Autumn raced towards him, colliding into a solid invisible barrier.

“You know what’s next?”

Autumn’s resigned look was answer enough, as a snowball splattered freezing slush down his back.

“Hey, Winter,” said Summer, indicating the shivering individual in front of him. “He’s all yours.”

“About time too,” she replied. Winter gave a whole-hearted wave, then focused her attention on Autumn, who was busy fishing melted snow out of his clothes.

“I’ve missed you,” she said, launching another snowball.


(195 words)


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Tritely, Nonsensically and Adverbially Anthology Release Update

I’m pleased to announce Tritely Challenged, Vol 1 and Nonsensically Challenged, Vol 2 are now available for sale on the Amazon websites.

Released on 28th April 2018, these two anthologies are each filled with 100 stories by 100 authors focusing on the challenge set out and amazingly, both follow the previous month’s release of Adverbially Challenged, Vol 3.  Hmm. There’s a saying in here somewhere… wait. Nope. It’s slipped my mind. Oh well.




Check out the links for details on each book.

Tritely Challenged, Vol 1

Nonsensically Challenged, Vol 2

Adverbially Challenged, Vol 3


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If you’re a writer of any genre and fancy being involved, check out the writing challenges page for further links and details on how to do so. I also purchase a copy I’m published in so I look forward to reading some of your work.

If you’ve been published in one of these books or submitted to current challenges, send me a comment below and if you have one, include a link to your page. Always good to hear from others.


Nonsensically Challenged Anthology Release

To complete a trilogy of latest releases, first Adverbially Challenged, Vol. 3 and Tritely Challenged, Vol.1 comes release of anthology Nonsensically Challenged, Vol. 2, which hosts 100 of the most nonsensical works of flash fiction by 100 authors.

This time, Trampoline makes an appearance in the second, of hopefully many, volumes containing witty and amusing nonsense riddled stories, and is also due for release on Saturday 28th April 2018.


(Nonsensically Challenged Volume 2 – cover artwork by David Fielden)


I don’t make any money from this book and neither does the publisher as the proceeds from book sales are donated to The Daisy Garland. You can find out more about what they do here.

All I receive is some exposure for submitting my flash fiction to the challenge, which will appear alongside 99 other authors whilst helping and providing awareness for The Daisy Garland.

If you fancy helping to raise LOTS more for good causes, take part by submitting your stories to the challenges or buying a copy of the book, which will be available as a Kindle eBook or in a printed format.


Kindle eBook Copy

The Kindle eBook version will be available on all Amazon websites by searching for either the:

(1) Book name Nonsensically Challenged, or

(2) Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B07CN6B75X


Printed Copy

The books will also available in printed paperback copies available from the Amazon websites.

The ISBNs of the book are:

  • ISBN: 1986418006
  • ISBN-13: 978-1986418003


To read some of my other work, see Short Stories or Flash Fiction, and to find out more about Nonesensically Challenged, check out the links on my site to guide you there. Why not submit your own short story?



Continuing with the series of flash fiction challenges, my next was for the Nonsense Writing Challenge, also on Chris Fielden’s site. “Trampoline” is my contribution to the challenge. Once Chris receives 100 authors for this piece, an anthology is published whereby profits raised go towards another chosen charity (details of which are available on his challenge page).



by Gavin Biddlecombe

“This bouncymathingy is defective,” shouted the Troll, dragging a trampoline behind him.

The flustered salesman, caught unawares, looked around him. Now the centre of unwanted attention, his other customers refrain from their spending activities, drawn in by the curious character.

“I’m sorry, sir, what seems to be the issue?”

“Just look at my horns. They’re bent.”

“Aren’t they always bent?”

The Troll pondered, “Good point. But still, look at my bashed head.”

“And this ‘bouncymathingy’ caused that?” asked the salesman, examining the item. “It looks fine to me. Did you fall off it?”

“Of course I didn’t fall off. I came in yesterday and had a recommended practice session before I bought it.”

“I see.”

“Yeah.” The Troll responded. “I was hoping to give those three gruffy billy goats a scare as they trotted passed. All I ended up with was this sore head.”

“And they did that to you?” asked the salesman.

“What? No. I had another practice before they turned up but it doesn’t seem to work very well under my bridge though.”

“You used it under the bridge?”

“Does it matter?”

“I imagine it’s a low bridge.”

“What’s your point?”

The salesman relaxed as his customers continued.