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The writing challenges on this page do not cover all writing challenges or competitions available or those I’ve submitted to in the past but rather to a specific group of challenges. In my short time contributing to these I’ve seen them growing in popularity with more already penciled in, (I’ll update the challenges list below as soon as I know more about them), and can expect further volumes of each anthology to be released in the near future because of it.

Green Pencils
Green Pencils

I have submitted to each of these at least once. You can view them for free on my blog/posts page and are also available on my short stories and flash fiction page, along with other work not involved with these challenges. I find them a welcome activity when short on time but need to keep up with my writing.

The stories found here are purposefully full of common writing mistakes, such as an overuse of adverbs, too many clichés, etc. Being made aware of these mistakes and having to use them to complete a piece of work with imposed word limits (between 100 – 200 words on Christopher Fielden’s site), it should hopefully make someone like me a better writer. (Making these mistakes on purpose was not as easy as first imagined. I had it drilled into me early on not to make them).

Challenges Title Page

Each challenge also supports a different charity. Once 100 authors have submitted their work, the editor reviews, edits and publishes them into an anthology, which becomes available in print or E-book format and available on Amazon’s websites worldwide. The proceeds raised go to the charity assigned to that challenge. See below.




More information on the challenges can be found on the flash fiction headings below.


Flash Fiction Submissions

  1. Skydiving Not Quite For Beginners – 81 Words
  2. Cinnamon – Adverbially challenged (Vol. 3)*
  3. Trampoline – Nonsensically challenged (Vol. 2)*
  4. Watched – Sensorially challenged (Vol. 2)*
  5. Every Cloud – Tritely challenged (Vol. 1)*
  6. Golf Swing – Adverbially challenged (Vol. 4)*
  7. Mosey – Tritely challenged (Vol. 2)
  8. Seasons at Play – Nonsensically challenged (Vol. 3)
  9. New Horizons – Ultima Thule – News Writing Challenge (Vol .1)
  10. Here Cometh The Horde – Adverbially challenged (Vol. 5)


Cinnamon is now available in print or E-book format available on Amazon or you can read the post here. I bought a copy of the book and thoroughly enjoying the work by other authors. The worldwide spread of contributing writers is incredible, noted by the personal biography which follows each story.

Update:- Since Cinnamon was published, several other flash fiction stories are now available in print or E-book format, also through Amazon. I’ve highlighted these with an asterisk *, which makes it simpler to update. You can find out more about the books here.

Why not give it a go?


Link to: Christopher Fielden’s writing challenge’s page and website.



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